In other words, why the Nguon? To answer this question by omitting to mention the reasons for the institution of this festival would be to forget our origins. Far be from it. The written documentation tells us that the Nguon was instituted as a way:

  • To thank the ancestors for their accompaniment and to ask for their help for the future of the kingdom

  • To create a framework of exchange during which the king is deposed and a judgement is instituted against his actions and that of his court on the mode of government of the king and his royal court without risk of reprisals

Over the development of the concept, our other objectives were added such as:

  • The vivification and intergenerational transfer of traditional and economic values in order to ensure the perpetuation of cultural heritage
  • The creation of platforms for economic exchange and valorization of the know-how of the Bamoun people
  • The creation of a framework for exchanges and dialogue between cultures
  • A heritage as a vitalization of human beings and groups
  • The Transformation of the event as a major tourist destination even outside of the Nguon period