The Nguon must truly build bridges, not walls

Ladies and gentlemen!
It is with great pleasure that I announce the 547th edition of NGUON. This secular and federative cultural event, a common denominator for the Bamoun at the outset, has become over the centuries a true institution for the whole nation, a platform for giving and receiving, a space for dialogue between cultures and for promoting socio-economic development. . . I express all my appreciation and gratitude to God Almighty for the opportunity of this gathering.

Based on the conviction of HE Mr. Paul BIYA, President of the Republic for whom “culture is a real melting pot where national solidarity and development are forged”, I invite you, Ladies and Gentlemen, to come and immerse yourself in the millennial culture of the NCHARE YEN dynasty, in the footsteps of King NJOYA whose place in African historiography and the contribution to the evolution of African civilization are the subject of universal recognition.
I want to pay tribute to all of you, partners and supporters from all walks of life. I wish all visitors of NGUON to enjoy the richness of the program of this edition, and keep Foumban the image of a city of the mythical arts, alive, friendly and supportive.

Ladies and Gentlemen!
We want the organization of the 547th edition of NGUON to be a symbolic contribution on our part to the process of consolidating multiculturalism and the peaceful cohabitation of the populations. We modestly want to prove that it remains urgent and a priority to effectively remove the obstacles to a peaceful and constructive existence of the Nation, the cradle of our ancestors.
Indeed, through culture, we can help build a democratic society and participate in development by changing mentalities. This reflects the choice of the central theme of this 547th edition of the Great Traditional, Cultural and Economic Days of the Bamoun People: “NGUON, framework of cultural renewal and strengthening of living together”.
All aboard the NGUON from 02 to 09 December 2018, for an open and dynamic culture!