The Nguon enters a new era

It is a privilege for me to address you again, sponsors, partners, benefactors, entrepreneurs, traders, artists, exhibitors and other unconditional NGUON players!

Here we are on the launching pad of the 547th edition of this iconic event. A cultural event of course, but also a socioeconomic and a media event of high significance.

Beyond its ancestral origins, which are the vivification and generational transfer of the values of a civilization, the Nguon over centuries has found another vocation: that of helping to promote the dialogue of cultures and to serve as a platform for economic exchanges, sales, mass consumption and multidimensional artistry.

Built since the 544th edition by the Sultan King of the Bamoun as the centerpiece of the organizational framework of the Bamoun People’s Traditional, Cultural and Economic Days, the CERDEN has set the ambition of professionalizing the marketing and artistic dimensions of the Nguon, in addition to its role as facilitator for the appropriation of the cultural thread that leads to cultural heritage as the vitalization of society.

I would like to warmly thank all those, individuals and institutions alike who have accompanied us in previous editions. Your coming to the 547th edition placed under the central theme “Nguon, framework of cultural renewal and strengthening of the living together” is synonymous with a friendship that lasts, a friendship that is consolidating both locally, nationally internationally.

All for an Open and Dynamic Culture!

Participating in the Nguon means:
• Seven days of communion, socio-economic and cultural sharing, meetings with intensive markets, local and promotional sales and consumption;
• Taking part in an exceptional meeting of giving and receiving, and contributing to the evolution and development of society through culture;
• Highlighting your talents and know-how, your products and services by capitalizing on ultra-modern media communication channels;
• Live intense moments of discovery, rich and festive;

And it’s not over … Come and discover the exceptional innovative opportunities you’ll never forget!

Thank you and I wish you in advance a warm welcome and a pleasant stay in Foumban, from 2nd to 9th December 2018!