History of Bamoun people 

Of Tikar descent, the Bamoun people by its founder Nchare Yen (1934) did not only carry around spear and quiver; cunning and courage could also be found his suitcases as well as all the forms and thoughts of his people. The Bamouns triumphant warriors p in each of their battles; express their desire through the monarch to thank their ancestors, to solicit their supervision in the life of the kingdom and to ensure the management of conflicts between the subject and the monarch. This is how the king set up a celebration with the purpose of fulfilling the People’s various wishes. This event named the Nguon with the mystical and secret name "sheme ngu" of the country is therefore instituted.

Before being a popular festival the Nguon was a secret society made up of 99 Fonanguon (lineage chiefs) plus the Nguon of the king which brings to the number of 100. Only the king fixed the date. It is necessary to note that the choice of the period of this holiday was based on the harvest season; to allow each inhabitant willing to offer a "Pamfié" tribe to the king to do so. Three weeks prior to the Nguon, the Nji were responsible for the delivery of this tribute to the king. The nature of the tributes depended on their region of origin.

The days preceding the Nguon, the Fonaguon went through the kingdom painted with a mixture that they alone had the secret. Women procreated in large numbers and wealth accumulated. The fonanguon took advantage of this opportunity to inquire in detail about opinion in favor of politics and power. No complacency was accepted in the account of the facts which were delivered in a popular assembly during which one placed two spears on the royal court (ku Mùtngu). This also caused a vacancy of power because the king is deprived of all power during this time. In the event of a negative report on the government of the king, he does not have to procrastinate, he sends to seek the spear of truth so each Bamoun all equal can speak without fears of reprisals. Once the judgement was over, Ku Miungu would return to the Nda-Miungu throne room and the king would resume his full powers and everything returns to normal.