Great traditional cultural and economic days of the Bamoun people, the Nguon has become over the years a great meeting attended by hundreds of thousands of people. It takes place every two years since 1996. Of purely traditional roots, it has not lost its essence over the year, even with the evolution of society. The concept is certainly developed but around the heritage of the event without uprooting the cultural origins of its creators who saw:

An event that encourages cultural mixing and facilitates the integration of festival-goers
A framework for bringing the Bamoun people together, conflict management, thanks to the favors of the ancestors and soliciting the help of spirits, which is always the case, but with the difference that certain objectives were set up in such a way as to promote the Bamoun destination and the inscription of Nguon to the intangible heritage of Unesco in order to preserve this heritage
A traditional and cultural deployment framework that works to promote the talent and dynamism of the Bamoun people, by promoting the know-how of culture so as to allow the culture enthusiast to benefit from it, thereby enhancing the image brand in order to make it a lever for development
A pole of economic exchanges which works by the valorization of the local potential by creating a fruitful framework putting in relation the economic actors, the facilitation of B to B meetings and by the promotion of the green economy