How to get to Foumban?

By Air

Camair-Co flight from Douala International Airport or Yaoundé Nsimalen Landing in de Bafoussam

By Road

From Yaoundé by bus Buses depart from Mvan Distance: 380 KM Trip time: 6 hours Cost: 4000 FCA/6€/7.25$/5.41£
From Douala by bus Buses depart from Bessenguè Distance: 338 KM Trip time: 5h30 Cost: 5000 FCFA/7.63€/9$/6.76£
From Bafoussam by Bus Distance: 72 KM Cost: 1000 FCFA/1.53€/1.81$/1.35£

Say it in Bamoun

Poket nkunju: Good morning
Yuengure: Thank you/many thanks
Poket shu: Good night
Yemme: Toilet
Nten: market
Gnom I sue: What time is it?
Ma shu ket frenshi: I speak French
Ma njé: The road