entre rituel

Ritual entry of the « MfonaNguon »in the Palace

This is the entrance, in a ritual process of secret societies at the royal palace. An insider pilgrimage takes place on the last Friday of the festivities, in total darkness. Legend has it that any woman of childbearing age exposed (consciously or not) to this ritual runs the risk of never giving birth again.
cérémonie de shapam

"Sha'pam" ritual ceremony

During "Sha'pam", each of the Fons Nguon (Chiefs of Nguon) bring to the King a bag that contains mixtures of bark and other leaves that have mystical powers. The King then transfers this blend from the bag of each his Fons nguon to his own. This helps him rule the kingdom.
entre du roi

The King’s solemn entry to the ceremonial court

This is the procession of the King and his close entourage, adorned with his articles and royal attributes. The route goes from the palace to the ceremonial court. This event is rich colors and sounds.

Indictement of "FonaNguon"

Testament of the democracy in African, this is one of the key moments of the Nguon, the scene of unprecedented public judgment and sovereign governance of the King is broadcast worldwide.This unique moment during which the monarch, standing and stripped of his powers and attributes, listens to all the criticisms, denunciations, assessments, observations and suggestions made by the people’s representatives, the Fonanguon.

"Fit kindi" or "Shomelueh" ceremony

This is the re-enactement of a historical war scene on Sunday morning, the last day of the Nguon. It marks the end of the Nguon's festivities. The event evokes war drums echoing at dawn to signal to the Bamun People that they were in danger. Servants, queens and warriors-guides, while wearing their war outfits gathered behind the king to fight the enemy. This war often resulted in war trophies, still exposed today in the Kings Museum. Today, this ceremony takes on another meaning: a symbol of the unity of the Bamun people and mobilization for sustainable development.