Official Opening Ceremony

It is chaired by the Minister of Arts and Culture and marks the official start of Nguon's activities.



It is a parade of 70 horses that will be performed by riders from several communities: The Lamida of Banyo, Fulani Boros of Didango and Bamoun Kingdom. A show rich in colors, it is hosted by the troops of algaita of Banyo and Foumban.
miss nguon

Miss Nguon

The Bamoun woman is esteemed for the wealth of her culinary knowledge but also for her beauty. The Miss Nguon election showcases these qualities and awards the best of the selected candidates. The event highlights the beauty academic and artistic talents of the young Bamoun woman. The organization of the Miss Nguon election is preceded by a pre-selection locally and in the diaspora. The grand finale takes place in Foumban during the Nguon.


To ensure high nights in communion with the public of Nguon, local, national and international artists will perform on the central podium for the duration of the nguon. The artistic programming revolves around: • Traditions and heritage: Traditional dances through the different sites of Nguon • National cultural artistic expression: presents emerging and established artists from the national scene • International cultural artistic expression: it presents artists with international influence on the central podium of the nguon
soiree gala

Royal gala evening in honor of the partners

Live an exceptional moment at the royal palace of Foumban. Our partners will have the privilege of meeting the Sultan, King of Bamoun, to exchange with him and immortalize the moment with some photos. It will also be an opportunity to present these partners with awards for their contribution and participation in the festival. The Ceremony will be broadcast worldwide.