What is Nguon?

Of Tikar origin, the Bamoun people by their founder Nchare Yen (1934) did not only carry the spear and the quiver; cunning and courage were also found in his suitcases as well as all the forms and thoughts of his people. The Bamouns triumphant warriors in each of their battles; express their desire through the monarch to thank their ancestors, to solicit their

framing in the life of the kingdom and ensuring the management of conflicts between the subject and the monarch. This is how the king organized a celebration in order to meet the different wishes of the people. This event named Nguon with the mystical and secret name “sheme ngu” of the country is therefore instituted.


Ladies and gentlemen!

Here are the “Great Traditional, Cultural and Economic Days of the Bamoun People”, returned to their 548th edition, which will be held in Foumban, from November 27 to December 06, 2020 in Foumban. Over the years, the Nguon has grown both in the spirit that once founded it under King Ncharé Yen, and in the organization of this high mass of the cultural and traditional heritage of the Bamoun people. Today, the Nguon has resolved to open up to other cultures, in order to make its celebration a moment of sharing and exchange with other cultures, both national and international; source of mutual enrichment.

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A Word from the President of CERDEN

Dear sponsors, partners, benefactors, entrepreneurs, exhibitors, artists, the echo of The Nguon has crossed borders and is now becoming an international event thanks to its media reach. After celebrating living together in the previous Edition, the Nguon, now in its 548th Edition, presents itself as a channel for transferring knowledge, beliefs, institutions, practices and values to the young generation. Hence the theme of this Edition: The Nguon, the foundation of generational transfer for the sustainability and influence of our cultures and traditions. Positive values of a people united in its diversity.

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Our goal

In other words why the Nguon? To answer this question by failing to mention the reasons for the institution of this holiday would be like forgetting our origins. Far from us this thought the writings tell us that the Nguon was instituted with the concern
• Thank the ancestors for their support and we ask for their help for the future of the kingdom
• To create a framework of exchange during which the king is deposed and an accusatory is instituted against his actions and that of his court on the mode of govern of the king and his royal court without risk of reprisals
During the development of the concept in our other objective were grafted there such
• The revitalization and intergenerational transfer of traditional and economic values ​​with a view to ensuring the sustainability of this rich cultural heritage
• To create platforms for economic exchanges and for enhancing the know-how of the Bamoum people
• Create a framework for exchanges and dialogue between cultures
• From a heritage as the vitalization of human beings and groups
• To make the destination a center of tourist interest even outside periods of activity