A word from the Sultan

Ladies and gentlemen!
Here are the “Great Traditional, Cultural and Economic Days of the Bamoun People”, returned to their 548th edition, which will be held in Foumban, from November 27 to December 06, 2020 in Foumban. Over the years, the Nguon has grown both in the spirit that once founded it under King Ncharé Yen, and in the organization of this high mass of the cultural and traditional heritage of the Bamoun people. Today, the Nguon has resolved to open up to other cultures, in order to make its celebration a moment of sharing and exchange with other cultures, both national and international; source of mutual enrichment. Because as John Donne puts it so well, “No man is an island, a whole, complete in itself” …

Indeed, in a global context marked by transculturality, it is through their openness to other cultures that the Bamoun can claim to enhance and perpetuate their own, while giving substance to an ambition: that of inscribing their rich traditional heritage and cultural to the pantheon of cultures that have made themselves known and perpetuated over time. It is this concern to anchor itself in the concerns of Cameroon and the world today, which commands the theme of this 548th edition. “Le Nguon, a foundation for generational transfer for the sustainability and influence of our cultures and traditions. Positive values ​​of a people united in its diversity “; a theme that marks the will of the Bamoun people to actively participate in the sustainability of our cultural heritage, at the same time as it signals its determination to contribute to the construction of a Cameroonian nation united in its diversity.

Dear Sponsors, Partners, Benefactors, Entrepreneurs, Exhibitors, Artists, The events marking the celebration of the 548th edition of the Nguon, which will take place in Foumban in 2020, represent for everyone, the opportunity to participate in their own way in the celebration at the he national and international tradition and culture, the authenticity of which has been remarkably preserved throughout the centuries. What is more, the length of the festivities and the variety of activities that furnish its ten-day extended program reserve a special place for each of you. Whether it’s traditional, cultural, entrepreneurial, commercial, social, sporting or educational activities, the Nguon makes room for everyone. It is therefore with open hearts and arms that the whole Bamoun people await you in Foumban. For days of celebration of a cultural heritage which in the end is common to us. To triumph the dialogue of cultures and our deep aspiration to work to strengthen the living together of a Cameroonian nation, more than ever determined to consolidate its unity. And his habitual openness to world citizenship. We are therefore waiting for you at Foumban!

Everyone at Nguon 2020 for an open and dynamic culture! Thank you

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