A Word from the President of CERDEN

Dear sponsors, partners, benefactors, entrepreneurs, exhibitors, artists, the echo of Le Nguon has crossed borders and is now becoming an international event thanks to its media reach. After celebrating living together in the previous Edition, the Nguon, now in its 548th Edition, presents itself as a channel for transferring knowledge, beliefs, institutions, practices and values ​​to the young generation. Hence the theme of this Edition: Le Nguon, the foundation of generational transfer for the sustainability and influence of our cultures and traditions. Positive values ​​of a people united in its diversity.

We all know that beyond being a traditional and cultural event, the Nguon is also a festive moment, a platform for meeting, exchange and sharing. This is, moreover, the reason why CERDEN, the body mandated by SULTAN KING OF BAMOUN for the organization of the socio-economic component of Nguon, is deploying energetically for its total success. So, this is the perfect opportunity for you sponsors, partners, benefactors, entrepreneurs, exhibitors, artists to participate in this great biennial meeting in Foumban “the city of the arts”, which will allow you to:

Live intense moments of discovery, communion, symbiosis, in a relaxing atmosphere.
Present your promotional products to target audiences and boost your sales.
To make you known to the general public through our channel, the Nguon being a highly publicized event.
Thank you for the trust, and wish you a warm welcome in advance and a pleasant stay in Foumban.

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