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About the NGUON

Of Tikar descent, the Bamoun people by its founder Nchare Yen (1934) did not only carry around spear and quiver; cunning and courage could also be found his suitcases as well as all the forms and thoughts of his people. .

The Bamouns triumphant warriors p in each of their battles; express their desire through the monarch to thank their ancestors, to solicit their supervision in the life of the kingdom and to ensure the management of conflicts between the subject and the monarch. This is how the king set up a celebration with the purpose of fulfilling the People’s various wishes. This event named the Nguon with the mystical and secret name "sheme ngu" of the country is therefore instituted.

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06h30: Mount Mbatpit Ascent
09h00: Thanksgiving service at the Ndàmbassi Temple of the Evangelical Church of Cameroon.
10h00: Opening of the Nguon Village to the public
11h00: Guided Tour: « Discovery of the Bamoun kingdom »
08h30: Guided Tour: « Discovery of the Bamoun kingdom »
19h00: Nguon Grand Opening Concert
06h30: Semi-marathon Njimom-Foumban
10h00: Roundtable 1: Participation of many speakers from UNESCO and from different countries
11h00: Award ceremony for cultural expression of the best students of Noun
08h00: Guided Tour: « Discovery of the Bamoun kingdom »
15h00: Traditional sports (traditional wrestling, archery)
10h00: Roundtable 2: Participation of many speakers from UNESCO and from different countries.
08h00: Guided Tour: « Discovery of the Bamoun kingdom »
14h00: Miss Nguon Culinary Competition
10h00: Bamoun Women Carnival with arrival at the Palace
10h00: opening of the Farm-show mini-committee chaired by the Minader and Minepia
15h00: Final of the King's Cup football tournament
19h00: Final Miss Nguon 2018 Election
10h00 : Fantasia
13h00: Great Friday prayer at the Foumban Central Mosque
14h00 : Official Opening Ceremony of the 547th Nguon by the Minister of Arts and Culture (MINAC) at Village Nguon
19h00: Solemn, ritual and mystical entry of Mfona-Nguon at the Palace
08h30: Ritual Ceremony of the King's Judgment
19h00: Gala evening
19h00 : Closing Concert at Village Nguo
05h00: Ritual of "Sho 'Melùeh" (War Simulation)
12h00: End of the Nguon 2018 ceremonies



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